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Ingredients for Success

Your output is only as only as good as your input! At Crust and Crumb we live by this moto and therefore only source the raw materials that we ourselves would happily consume as the end customer.

Having built up a strong relationship with our suppliers over the years, we are now in a position to be assured that they have our best interests at heart. They know, appreciate and understand our exacting standards when it comes to our produce. Standards regarding quality, flavour, processes etc. are continuously monitored with a view to improve / advance where at all possible.

We have found that all these elements have contributed to our success to date and therefore we intend to continue working closely with our suppliers.

Another element of having a quality relationship with our suppliers is to ensure that we gain invaluable insight into market changes and trends – which we use to our best advantage at all times.

A Flavour of Our Ingredients

Below is just a sample of two base Ingredients we have pride in using in our products. We work with our customers and their specifications in order to source products that fulfil their requirements, while never compromising on quality or consistency.


Northern Ireland has been milling flour since 1722. Our local millers blend and ground carefully selected wheat to give us a variety of flours suitable for our difference pizza and breads.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the Tuscany region of Italy, our supplier of Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses the very best food products from Italian tradition to create products that stand out for their quality and authenticity.
The oil is expertly selected in the farmers’ estate; a professional Quality Team supervises from the very beginning with analysis carried out on the oil throughout the production process to respect EU legislation and determine the genuineness of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.