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Our Plant, Our Processes ………….. Our Recipe for Success


Crust & Crumbs facilities and processes are governed by strict, exacting standards implemented by our inhouse Technical and Quality Teams within both plants. Quality representation is present at all stages from raw material intake, through the processes and at despatch ………………

Quality is a guarantee at Crust and Crumb!

Production located within 2 state of the art facilities, one of which is a secure, dedicated Gluten Free site combines the precise mix of man (or woman) and machine with care and attention delivering consistency time after time.

The Process, The Product

Regarding materials, only slowly fermented mother dough and extra virgin olive oil will make its way to production. Simplicity and precision are two primary features on our production lines.

Due to the natural proving/ resting we can be assured that our products are enriched; with a fragrant complex flavour, a supreme texture and a pleasure for the end consumer. The extensive fermentation that Crust & Crumb prides itself in also results in the output being lighter, more easily digested and with an extended lifespan. Every measure is taken to ensure the dough is not stressed during processing and all done in an ideal temperature controlled environment.

We stress, so the Dough doesn’t have to!

Stone Baking

A vital component in achieving the perfect product is our stone baking facilities. With an element of the old ways are sometimes the best and mimicking the effect of cooking in a masonry oven Crust and Crumb is confident their stone baking facilities are second to none. The porous nature of the stone helps absorb moisture whereby the products pass through a chamber running at the optimum temperate to achieve a finish that never disappoints.

The Topping

Each product specification is taken on an individual basis and the best means of topping application is considered and implemented. Ingredients selected with reflection on the customers brief, spec and agreement is applied through a mix of modern technology and/ or the trained skilled hands of our production operatives. Running several production lines, we can produce volume, fulfill our customers’ requirements and also be adaptable to their changing needs.

Our in-house kitchen which works with the best materials and applies the principles of “producing to order” ensures freshness, low wastage and superb taste.

Going Green

All at Crust and Crumb have recently invested in their very own “Going Green” campaign to lessen the effect of our business on the environment. The main and quite a substantial addition being the construction of our 500kW Wind turbine. Every rotation of the blades not only generates power but also gives us a sense of achievement regarding our goal of having a low environmental impact.

State Of The Art production facilities

Operates 7 Days A Week

Production Runs 24 Hours A Day

Fermentation Takes Place Over 36 Hours