We create freshly prepared foods in partnership with leading retail and foodservice customers.

Chef preparing pizza base

Crust and Crumb is Ireland’s largest manufacturer of ambient, chilled, frozen flatbread and garlic bread products. We specialise in producing Pizza Bases, Topped Pizza, Flatbreads, Garlic Baguettes/Slices, and Tortillas alongside an extensive range of Gluten Free and Vegan Dough-Based Products.

Located in the counties of Fermanagh, Cavan, and Armagh, Crust & Crumb consists of 6 state of the art production facilities, including a dedicated Free From site and an Innovation Centre.

We pride ourselves on exceeding industry standards in quality, service and innovation and distribute to customers worldwide.

Pizza dough
Pizza dough in mixing bowl

Our story begins...

From this in 2011...

(6 pizzas per bake)

From this in 2011...6 pizzas per bake

To this in 2024...

(5 million units a week)

To this in 2021...2 million units a week

Innovation and Can Do are at the heart of our business

Customer brief

Research concept

Create prototype

Finalise specification

Launch on time

Supply in full

In partnership with our clients, we have introduced to the market innovative concepts such as Mother Yeast, Mother Dough, Long Ferment Dough, Superfood Infusions, High Protein and Dairy Free Pizzas.

Pizza production
Pizza oven

Great People with a Can-do attitude

We believe in being responsive, resourceful, fast moving and energetic and our Human Resources strategy reflects that. Our continuous investment in facilities, people and processes is our key to success as Ireland’s largest flatbread manufacturer, providing excellence to all of our customers.

High volumes | Energy efficiency | Engineering | Combining yours and our insight | Transparency & Co-operation

We have a proud history of customers contacting us with their needs, and our success has been built upon meeting those needs every day, and from there our reputation has spread. We also believe in being seen – you will frequently see our team at annual events like PLMA in Amsterdam and Chicago or Gulfood in Dubai building dialogue with potential new customers.

Green Credentials

Green Credentials

From the beginning, we made a substantial investment in our very own 500kW wind turbine. Each rotation of its blades not only harnesses power but also serves as a daily symbol, reminding our team and customers of our unwavering dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint. Furthermore, our recent venture into Woodfired pizza capabilities, fuelled by beech wood logs from renewable sources, underscores our commitment to environmental preservation.

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we've also installed electric charging points on our premises, encouraging our employees to opt for eco-friendly electric vehicles, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Green Credentials

And it’s nice to bring a trophy home every now and then

We have established ourselves as an industry leader, receiving numerous awards and widespread recognition for our products and the standards of our operations.

Food Awards
Food Awards